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On-page Search Engine Optimization

Fact: Great websites don’t happen in a day. You can have a really good web design and layout, with a nice solid theme—from the colors down to the font—but if you scrimp on the crucial search engine optimization (SEO) part, you’re not going to have a great website that really sells. As an SEO Company, Web Age can help you improve your rankings in the Search Engines and bring more qualified traffic to your site.

What’s the Problem with Web Designers?

It’s good if your website designer works with SEO in mind for your website. Then you know you’re in good hands. What usually happens, though, is that web designers design and develop pages often from a pragmatic and aesthetic point of view. Often, that’s done with little regard for the requirements of the search engines because hey, that’s already a different job description. That’s where us, the SEO specialists take over. Remember: Not all web designers have built-in SEO sense in them. Just think of it this way: web design lays the structure of your website so that’s it’; SEO makes sure that structure is actually visible and accessible to the 3 billion (and counting) Internet users all over the world. Because, let’s face it, what good is a spanking beautiful website if it’s not listed in the first pages of Google results. So you see, web design and SEO should really go hand in hand.

What Needs Tweaking? The Technical Aspects of Good SEO

Every little thing counts.

The website’s architecture and navigation. The better and easier the user-experience for your site’s customers, the more they’ll keep coming back.

A Better Site Map. The importance of a proper site map to ensure proper indexing by all the search engines can’t be stressed enough. And yet many websites don’t even have a sitemap—a necessity in good SEO.

Website’s internal linking structure. Spreading that link juice within your website itself is always good and appreciated by Google. In essence, you’re telling Google that these are your site’s specific content you value the most and so Google will most likely index them better.

The webpages’ loading speed. Almost 45% of people who encounter websites with pages that take too long to display, click elsewhere. Trust us, you don’t want to lose that much percentage of traffic to your competitors.

Duplicate content. You should avoid duplicate content at all cost if you do not want to be penalized by the search engines.

Keyword in the Page URLs. Get those keywords in your pages’ URL themselves! URLs containing keywords for your site figure on the top pages of Google’s search results better than the URLs that are just long strings of gobbledygook. Besides, keyword URLs are human-friendly too.

Session IDs (SIDs) indexing issues. We don’t want to confuse the Googlebots doing the indexing.

What About Link Building?

Nothing beats good links with reputable neighboring websites. As such, we provide a comprehensive custom link building plan to help cement your presence at the top of the search pages for all your keywords. We’re not looking for just any link though. We target natural one-way links with respected sites related to your brand’s niche in accordance with best SEO Practices, be it SEO in China or elsewhere.

Which Hat to Wear? No doubt these technical aspects of SEO, when managed properly and in sync with each other, will ensure your website’s visibility at the search engines. Neglecting just one aspect, however, can prove costly to your business. Thankfully there’s always a correct and SEO -ethical way to address them.

SEO is not a one-time, big-time event. For the black hat SEO (whose modus operandi are easily detected by Google) maybe it is. But the very real risk of being banned by Google is never worth it.On the other hand, for those wearing the white hat, SEO is this: an ongoing day-to-day process. Tedious, yes. But rewarding at the end of the day.And if you let us, we’ll find all the intelligent (and ethical) ways to achieve long term success for your website on the search engines.

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Consult with us now on how you can jumpstart your website and secure its place in the major search engines. With our tailor-fitted SEO campaigns, we optimize your website’s structure, drive in quality traffic, promote and improve brand awareness of your business, and ultimately translate it into profit.

Right away, our reliable SEO experts will do in-depth analysis of your website, your brand competitors, and the most effective keywords to target. Then comes the crucial job of fully integrating the two aspects of SEO—the technical (to please the search engines) and the personal (to gain loyalty from your visitors). Of course, this can’t happen in a day. As we’ve said SEO is an ongoing process, and we will be there for you day in and day out to ensure your long-term success in this brave new digital world.

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